Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Great Site For Jungle Warfare Simulation?

Given that Alexander Arms corporate headquarters is located in the tropical idyll of Honolulu, Hawaii, shoudn't us "mere" Airsoft enthusiasts deserve the good life?


VaneSSa said...

Isn't this the same spot where our astronomy club's frequent stargazing spot? I remember back around May 2009 where an ideal "seeing" condition allowed everyone to be able to see Jupiters big four Galilean satellites / moons via a "mere" 10X50 binoculars. Too bad it was raining during that night when Jupiter was apparently hit by an unknown comet.
Going here does take a really brisk 15 minute long walk from the main road, which, for Airsoft players with less-than-ideal physical fitness can be a problem. Probably similar to the spot where Alexander Arms assault rifle designers test their new designs.

Sherry Rashad said...

Thanks for reminding me back in May 2009 that my eyesight is still good enough for me to "see" the planet Jupiter's "Big Four" / Galilean moons / satellites using 10X50 binoculars even though I'm already at the wrong side of 30 (years old) - 36 in fact.
Open areas like these necessitates the use of "upgraded" Airsoft / BB pellet gun-based weapons systems than can throw 6mm mineral-filled polypropylene pellets at more than 400 feet per second.

Je M'Apelle Ja'Nelle said...

This Airsoft game-site qualifies as having very female-friendly bathroom facilities - i.e. you can almost pee anywhere without being seen. Please check out my blog at http://the-gloria-steinem-youth-militia.blogspot.com

VaneSSa said...

Dear Ja'Nelle,
Thanks for adding your views on the "quirky" world of Airsoft. Given that your Airsoft team is inspired by the world-famous feminist named Gloria Steinem - which is also one of my childhood heroes - your team would probably make a very formidable opponent indeed.