Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Airsoft Weapons Systems Repair Service?

If you and your friends’ Airsoft guns had gone walkies more than once, isn’t it time to start your own Airsoft gun repair service?

By: Ringo Bones

How many times did you and your friends’ Airsoft weapons systems – i.e. Airsoft replica guns – gone walkies and needed fixing? If its one too many, then maybe it is already high time to put up your very own Airsoft weapons systems repair service. The good news is you don’t even have to be a techie to learn to be one – although knowledge of fairly complex mechanical systems – like wind-up mechanical watches and first-hand knowledge on how rough, gun wise, a typical Airsoft gaming session can get surely helps.

Surprisingly, you can learn everything with determination in just two weeks tops! And some technical and vocational colleges in the Philippines - I even know of two here in Cebu - are now offering courses on how to repair and maintain Airsoft weapons systems for a modest fee. And unlike real gun stores and repair shops, you don’t even need a government license to establish an Airsoft gun repair service at home. You can even adjust your business hours and workload to suit your schedule. A basic good to high-quality tool kit like analog VOM multimeter screwdrivers etc. – if you buy all of them – seldom exceeds 5,000 pesos in total costs.

In the Airsoft repair biz, your target market could be any Airsoft gaming enthusiast with a broken Airsoft gun. Start with our own broken units to gain proficiency. Once you have familiarized yourself and mastered the repair process and can operate quickly, you can now make your services available to other people, like starting with your Airsoft teammates before progressing to other Airsoft enthusiasts from other affiliated teams.

Most Airsoft repair shops charge 200 to 500 pesos as a service fee to troubleshoot a malfunctioning Airsoft gun. This amount varies if the malfunctioning unit needs replacement parts. And another way to maximize the revenue earning power of your Airsoft weapons systems start-up repair shop is to sell Airsoft related accessories, like 6-mm plastic BBs, lithium polymer batteries to power the guns, lithium polymer battery charging units, wiring connectors, etc.