Sunday, August 31, 2008

M-134 Dillon Minigun as an Airsoft AEG Weapons System: Over the Top?

Popularized by Hollywood blockbuster action movies like Predator and Terminator2: Judgement Day, is the M-134 Dillon minigun, in it’s Airsoft BB gun version, somewhat over the top as a “mere toy”?

By: Ringo Bones

Ever since the M-134 Dillon minigun, a Gatling-type multiple rotating barreled 7.62mm machine gun, was popularized by scores of Hollywood action movies and even the Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters”. Airsoft AEG BB gun companies are quick to capitalize on the M-134 Dillon minigun’s popularity by manufacturing and selling their Airsoft replica gun that fires 6mm plastic BB pellets based on the famed weapons system. But the nagging and oft-asked question arises - is an M-134 Dillon minigun-type Airsoft weapons system just way over-the-top Airsoft replica weapons system for day-to-day gaming?

Even if an overwhelming majority of the global Airsoft gaming community says otherwise, this doesn’t dissuade some from purchasing themselves the “best ever” Airsoft AEG BB gun / weapons system ever made. The proof of this can be found on some obscure YOUTUBE sites. An Airsoft enthusiast, with probably more money than sense, demonstrates his 6mm plastic BB pellet-firing M-134 Dillon minigun – which probably cost similar to or is 500 US dollars more expensive than the Indian-made 2,500 US dollar Tata Nano – by shooting it at an unsuspecting 14-inch TV set. Thus turning it into a pellet riddled pile of junk destined to the local community’s overloaded landfill. Despite it’s steep price, the Airsoft version of the M-134 Dillon minigun can be considered a bargain when compared to the real thing which has an MSRP of 50,000 US dollars or about as expensive as a fully pimped-out Lexus. The question now is – inherent poverty aside – should every Airsoft enthusiast avails himself or herself of the M-134 Dillon minigun?

Just because the former pro-wrestler, action star, Minnesota governor Jesse “I’m proud of my Slovak heritage” a.k.a. “The Body” Ventura looks good using one on the first Predator movie. Or if perennial action star and incumbent California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also looks good when using one on Terminator 2 doesn’t mean that the M-134 Dillon minigun is the Airsoft gun for all seasons, far from it in fact. But if you don’t mind the encumbrance of what is a crew-serve weapon in the first place being carried solely by you while evading a maelstrom plastic 6mm BB pellet fire, then maybe, you’ll just fall in love with it. The only problem is that an overwhelming number of Airsoft game clubs and tournaments forbade the use of the Dillon minigun. Assuming that you’re lucky enough to find one that does, 6mm BB pellets – especially high density premium grade ones famed for their accuracy – are not exactly cheap. This is one of those not-so-ideal places to engender resentment, especially since a number of Airsoft clubs are staunchly clinging to their “Marxist-Leninist Ideals”.

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